About activities

The Platform Activities (camps, youth exchanges, EVS) are mainly targeted to youngsters aged 15-25. 
The participants pay a participation fee and the travel costs.

Platform Network Activities presentation 2014

Often the organizers search for possibilities for cheaper joint local transport to the camp site. You can also ask for a possibility to participate in an international camp in your own country. For additional information and registration always contact the Platform Network organisation in your own country. In case your country is not a Platform Network member, contact the current country of presidency (year 2011 = Italy, Vercelli). Our camp organizers have plenty of experience in international youth work, and the activities are according to the commonly agreed Platform rules & regulations. The groups usually have 3-6 participants + a leader / country. Platform camps are a safe and easy way to get international experience and new friends around Europe.

In addition to camps Platform Network members also sustain youth exchanges, for which the participating groups are agreed upon months before the actual event. These programs are mostly financially supported by the European Union Youth in Action Program. On these pages you can get to know the member countries and their events.